My website will hopefully acquaint you with me and my philosophy about painting.

The recurrent motto of all of my paintings can be reduced to the words: Color, Design, and the Moment. Primarily, I am a colorist who loves solving complex color composition... what color works best here... is the composition balanced... do the colors convey the mood that I am going for, etc. Good design is mandatory to make the composition work and my "stained-glass technique" requires a very simple but accurate design. It must be a very good drawing carved out in paint. And the "moment" is always the moment in time that I have frozen to convey the thought that I am pursuing.

My goal has been to paint images that are recognizable, though not necessarily in that color. I generally paint positive images that a viewer wants to spend time pondering over. A good painting should promote thought and I prefer to dwell on positive thoughts. Photo realism is really not my goal, usually, but I do require myself to design/draw lines consistent with the object's true anatomy.

My personal agenda is to find a place for my paintings, because I have recurrent themes of Bible stories and characters, and I would like to be allowed into the greater mainstream of galleries and museums without being relegated to the niche of a religious fanatic. Being a Judeo-Christian religious painter is not very politically correct these days. I am currently researching "religious" painters who were accepted into the greater public arena and what was it about their images that appeals to people. I hope to learn from those who have gone before me. After raising three children, 36 happy years of marriage, and making it through menopause, hopefully, I have learned how to learn from others and am ready to make my mark before my days are done.

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