Projects: 2008

In the Beginning...

Our entire class was asked to compete in an art show with the theme of: Coexistence or Cooperation. This is my third Old Testament painting and it is about the ultimate coexistence of darkness and light. I had the most fun planning the graduation of colors and mixing them because I still had the red oxide to complicate things. I never thought so much about color until this project. My head literally hurt at times. The black and white in the center was a stroke of genius from one of my class members. This painting is 30"H by 15"W. 2008

Thelma's Grateful Rest

One of my goals for 2008 is to make loose realism paintings of people of color. One of my children is mixed race and I have always been fascinated with her skin tone. This painting is about a fictional character named Thelma who has a family to provide for and her days are long. She is just starting to grey. This is supposed to depict the moment when she finally has an opportunity to sit down, close her eyes and rest if only for a moment before going on to the next responsibility. This painting is 24"H by 18"W. 2008

Old House in New Mexico

This painting just sort of happened. I had an illustration board handy and I was nostalgic for Ghost Ranch, New Mexico where my family would spend summers. I found an old photograph of the Ghost House on the ranch's property that was taken in 1929. Some of the cottonwoods that I saw in the 1970's were found in this photo and some I put in as saplings because I knew that they would be there eventually. I love old horno ovens and so I inserted one where a road now exists. It is generally a fun trip down memory lane. This painting is framed and is 15"H by 20"W. 2008

Coffee in Tuscany

This painting is my first commission since I have returned to painting. Dr. Remmel and his wife are good friends of mine and over the years I've come to know what parts of the world they are fond of. When they gave me this job, their only request was that it would communicate relaxation, health, and enjoyment of life. Italy was the perfect location for their request and since my ancestors came from Tuscany, I decided why not there. From several photographs, I found what I thought distilled down into images that scream Tuscany without being an exact replica of a specific spot. Now this painting hangs in their waiting room. They love it. This painting is 24"H by 24"W. 2008

Mangrove Evening

My teacher has been after me to do another complicated painting and I decided that a Florida scene with spoonbills would be just the subject. The summertime skies with the big thunderheads make a wonderful backdrop for the spoonbills who fly over suburbia to return to the mangroves for the night. I wanted to have pale yellow in the clouds and built the whole color scheme based upon those clouds. This was my first attempt at painting water and building in perspective while still using my simplified stained glass style. The spoonbills actually can have blue, green, yellow, or grey bills depending on their maturity. These spoonbills are just a little brighter. I will do some more spoonbills some day. This painting is 24"H by 36"W. 2008
Mangrove Evening received an Honorable Mention in the ISAP-Florida sponsored show.

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