Projects: 2011

Love's Tender Moment

My son, Matthew, has a son named Mikey. This painting captures a moment in their lives when Mikey threw himself upon his dad to give him a hug, and my son responded with a kiss. A photo captured that tender moment and I decided to turn it into a painting which I gave to my son. The merging of the white clothing and white in the background appealed to me because it reinforced the merging of the faces during the kiss. It just worked. This painting is part of my son's collection of paintings.

Pachyderm Shell with Limpets

I have a book about shells. We had a mid-year Pass-the-Paint session and I decided to use my shell book for ideas. The Pachyderm Shell is incredibly small, sometimes smaller than the Limpet Shell, but I wanted it to be the star of this painting. So... all of you shell experts relax and enjoy this fun painting. This is one of the paintings that I have blank stationary made from. This painting is for sale.


This painting is the second painting in the mid-year Pass-the-Paint session. I tried to get as many shells in as possible during the frenzy of passing colors to the next person. I like the looseness of the colors on top of other colors. This painting is for sale.

Black and White #107 (Dancing Cuttlefish Nebula)

I discovered that if the watercolor paper that I selected to do a nebula on top of had texture lines, then the interference paint would have a place to collect in and be more interesting. Consequently, I would paint black gesso over a discarded painting from class. This painting #107 had two large blobs of paint in the top third of the center. They seemed to be eyes wanting to become a creature. The interference settled in a way that looked like a Cuttlefish. It really became a "character" as more and more paint was added. This painting is for sale.

Black and White #108 (Green Sea Turtle Nebula)

The original painting on this watercolor paper had a large oval circle on it. When I put the black gesso on top of it, the Sea Turtle showed up right away. I used three interference colors: blue, green, and gold. These three colors get quite intense if put on in layers. In low light, this painting glows. This painting is for sale.

Black and White #109 (Victorian Lady Nebula)

This nebula painting has a negative image. The colors are around her as a cloud and she is found in the black of space. I wanted to use every interference color that I owned to get the effect of iridescent glass because I have always loved iridescent glassware. She has a washer woman bun and an impossibly small waist, just like the Gibson Girls so long ago. This painting is for sale.

Black and White #110 (Two Faces and an Inchworm)

This is the first painting that I did on a canvas. I drizzled layers of acrylic paint from small squirt bottles to make some areas for the interference to pool in. Next, I covered the dry drizzles over with black gesso. I added grays and the interference, but I struggled to find an image in the paint. Finally, someone in class said the it looked like two faces and they looked ghostlike. I wasn't eager to have a ghost painting, so that I put an inch worm in gold interference hidden between the two faces, kind of like "where's Waldo". I put a black glaze over all the colors to make it more mysterious. This canvas is 30"H x 10"W and is for sale.

Black and White #111 (Old Heavens, New Earth)

I constructed this painting in my mind just as I was dozing before sleep. I had a 30"H x 30"W canvas and I wanted to say something about what I was reading in my bible concerning the end of the world. In the book of Revelations it states that the day will come when the heavens that we are familiar with will be rolled back like a scroll and this earth will be destroyed and a new earth will be created. My dozing dream showed the old heavens being sliced open and rolled back out of the way to let the new earth emerge.

The next question was how do I perform the technicalities need to make this idea happen. I had learned on the previous canvas nebula, that the drizzles needed to be blocked from the scroll cuts and the new earth. I drew the shapes on the canvas and then covered them with Frog Tape. I made the drizzles with freedom because they were masked away from the image. I painted the black gesso and the interference on before I removed the tape. The scroll cuts and background for the earth are in black, white and grays with green interference on top of the light gray earth. I pushed back the interference colors in the heavens with a black glaze. The three point incision in the heavens is referred to as a "Mercedes Benz cut" in the world of organ transplantation, because that particular cut makes things more accessible. You need some room to give birth to a new earth. This painting is one of my husband's favorites. It is not for sale.


It was time for some fun in painting. I had been challenged to make another animal painting that was funny like the rhino one. I found a photo on-line of an armadillo peering out of a big flower pot. Since I wanted to use all of my Golden grays in a painting, I did the armadillo in gray. As the painting developed, it looks like he was looking out of a boat porthole instead of a flower pot. It was fun to make the armor scales in the gradations of gray; it really gave the painting depth. The only colors in the painting are a green-gray background and his yellow eye. Possibly he has been partying a little too much. This canvas is 20"H x 20"W. A giclee is available in 16"H x 16"W with a two inch white border. "Cruising" is currently on exhibit at the Dazzio Gallery.


The summer of 2011 started with four Pass-the-Paint paintings. The first is named Surrender. It is about a spiral sucking everything into it's center, including me with my flag of surrender. I was feeling very overwhelmed at the time. This painting is for sale.

Squares Abstract

Abstract paintings create stress in me. I cannot tell a story with them. I can only let you see the colors and how they interact with each other. If someone wants to see multiple squares of color bumping against each other, then this is the painting for you. This painting is for sale.

Beach Treasure

Do you remember looking down at the sand, at the beach, and suddenly seeing the prettiest shell? This third Pass-the-Paint is about that very experience. A beautiful shell sitting on top of the sand. This painting is for sale.

The Bride

Our youngest child, Liz, scheduled her wedding for the month of September, 2011. Therefore during the summer of that year, we were all involved in planning a wedding. My thoughts of how she would look in her veil spilled into this last Pass-the-Paint painting. But this bride looks way too anxious... not like my girl who was very confident in her choice. This painting is on hold.

Red Carousel

Our summer challenge was to paint two paintings upside down. We each pulled a photo out of a hat, could exchange it only once, before getting to work. These carousel horses were my first painting. Corrections were allowed right side up after the first day of blocking it in. This painting had many color changes and additions that lasted way into the fall. But now it is ready for a child's room or some other fun place. This painting is currently on exhibit at the Dazzio Gallery until November 2012.

Keisha in Wonderland

This is my second upside down painting. We drew a class member's name out of a hat, and brought a photo for them to paint from, knowing their signature style. Linda S. brought me this wonderful newspaper photo of a real child in an amazing jungle of these umbrella-like plants. This upside down painting came so easily, it didn't frustrate me like the horses did. And the color scheme came very quickly. Some paintings seem to paint themselves. This painting is on watercolor paper and under plexiglass. It has been entered in two shows and is currently NFS.

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